Project: DelFast Logistic Office Renovation
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Year: 2021
Scope of Work: Design, Construction, Product Manufacture & Supervision
Description: "DelFast office" is a small-scale renovation project located in Cargo Building, Nairobi Airport, Kenya. The challenge was based on having a very noisy and small working space which made the employees less motivated and productive.
The Design strategies were based on removing the non-load-bearing interior walls to make space much bigger, and considering industrial felt (Namad) as an acoustic material to absorb sound pollution, enhance space quality and make the working environment more attractive. Besides, several lightweight sliding partitions were considered to divide the space and give the users possibility and flexibility to arrange the space in accordance with their needs.
The Design Concept was derived from the company's identity. The sloped lines and triangle patterns used on wall coverings and sliding partitions were taken from the form of "D" used in the logo. Besides, the blue and orange colors which were used in most of the products were inspired by the color of the DelFast Logo.