5th Floor Office

Project:  Office (5th Floor) Location: Europe Year: 2022 Scope of Work: Design, Product Manufacture, Environmental Graphic Signages Design and Supervision Photographer: MH.Ettefagh Description: The second branch of Sunich group offices was designed and constructed by Diba Group and Namad Studio in the summer of 2022. Namad Products include acoustic ceiling Panels, acoustic wall coverings, and environmental graphics and signages derived from the company's identity and branding colors. The concept of triangle-shaped ceiling panel was based on (A) shaped logo used on the reception desk. Namad Studio design strategy and ideation are mainly based on factors such as innovation, modularity, flexibility, sustainability and scalability. Furthermore, the ceilings are designed in such a way that the panels can be removed and maintained easily, or the colors can be changed in the future.